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About Us

IK KOLHIDA is one of the best-known publishing houses in Bulgaria in field of publishing reference books. We have been publishing for 17 years, strengthening our position in the book market and we are leaders amongst publications about house and family. Main editions of Kolhida are home encyclopaedias, cooking books, books about naturopathy, health, cosmetics, floriculture, gardening, paper models, and children books. Average initial editions of our books are 3 000 copies but reprints and additional copies exceed 10-15 000.

IK KOLHIDA’s aim is publishing books about both home and each family member. Our approved editions on the market are “Cooking books”, “Recipes”, “Cooking techniques and knowledge”, “Curing without pills”, “Green medicine”, “Healthy life”, “Garden”, “Cosmetics”, “Tales from all over the world”, “Paper models”.

Kolhida’s cooking books are housewives’ permanent adviser and helper in the kitchen and books from “Curing without pills” are practical handbooks that help readers to overcome with a lot of cases using the power of herbs and natural medicine. Reference book design evokes demands of all our books.

Paper models are unique for Bulgaria and very interesting for a lot of visitors and tourists.  Paper models evoke real boom in a short time because there was a niche in the Bulgarian book market. Paper models are designed for three age groups and they are more than 30 different kinds. It is  Bulgarian architectural models such as Tsarevets palace, Rila monastery, Alexander Nevsky cathedral, Troyan Monastery, Round (Golden) Church of Veliki Preslav, etc that provoke tourists’ interest. They all are wonderful souvenirs for all visitors. Paper models of European architecture such as Notre dame Cathedral, Alcazar of Segovia (Segovia Castle), Tower of London are very popular as well.

Many advertising companies show interest in our publishing house because of longer life of books comparing to periodic press issues. Moreover, handbooks presuppose permanent use. Some of our current advertisers are “Gallina Blanca”, “Pernod Ricard”, Henkell Bulgaria, Chipolino, Aroma, Alta Bulgaria, AXXON Bulgaria, Vega Sofia hotel, Vitality club, etc.

All this is KOLHIDA that we love and fortunately, our readers have found and loved us as well for 17 years.